Remote database connection

Im trying to create a target for a remote db server. Im confused about what username/PW combo.

In Dreamweaver I specified a db to connect to in the initial screen. In this, I must first put in a target, then the db connection in options- How can I test the remote target if the db username and password relate to the specifc db?
If I dont get to specify the db in the target setup screen- how is the connection ever to work? I try to save, but it seems to, but yet the target is not present, the only choice is remote.

The Target is your FTP connection to your server to upload the files. Has nothing to do with your database. You set your database connection to the database in the Server connect panel not the Target.

Here is some documentation for you.

Duh. Got it, thanks!

No problem, good luck! :slight_smile: