Remember Cookie to Hours?

Now, I can get the cookie to expire after 1 day which is awesome. My next step would be to get it to expire after 10 hours so that it is guaranteed to have to be logged in once a day and have it expire during off work hours. So how do I set it to hours?

Hey Brad
You can try converting hours to days:

Problem is the UI seems to only take days. I tried adding .45 days to see if it would give a ten hour cookie but it gave a 45 day cookie.


So what is it saving in the code?

“expires”: “.45”

We are going to check this.
Probably you can set your session expiration time meanwhile :slight_smile: and not use the cookie option at all.

Yep, I have time before I launch this dashboard. Thanks, if I could set this to hours that would be amazing. And I would owe you guys more beer than I already do. :wink:

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This now fixed in Wappler 2.2.2

So how do you do it in hours?

This isn’t answered @George. Still trying to figure out how to set it to hours and not days.

I have checked it, the cookie expires property originally was a HTTP-date timestamp but has been simplified to just days since it required the user to use separate formatters to get the correct timestamp.

I could make an update to support dates, then you could use an expression like {{ NOW.dateAdd('hours', 10) }}.


That would be awesome if there was a way to set it to hours. I’d appreciate that.

Is this still on the roadmap?

@patrick, any chance this can be done still?

I’m a bit too busy with other updates at the moment. I assume you use PHP, you can edit the file dmxConnectLib/lib/code/Response.php.

To have hours instead of days change line 74 to:

$expires = gmdate(DATE_COOKIE, strtotime($sign . abs($options->expires) . ' hours'));

Thanks Patrick! I will give that a try! Very much appreciated!

Worked like a charm! Love Wappler!