Regula Mathys Responsive Website


This week we present you another website built with Wappler by André Bender, known in our community as @swf.

Here’s the description he kindly provided:

A very special desire for colors, shapes and figures forms the basis of the pictures by the Swiss artist Regula Mathys. We convey this on the Internet with a very special website for the artist. In addition to sophisticated filter functions, specially coordinated forms enable an easy way to transmit image and contact requests. The content of the website can be managed quickly by using our flexible and easy-to-use administration system.

Thanks for sharing this with the community and keep up the good work, André!


Wonderful creative themed website! Congrats @swf

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Thanks a lot JonL

That is a beautiful site with some unique effects. Very well played @swf.

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Really nice - Great to see beautiful design in wappler :slight_smile:


Thanks Marcus

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