Registering a new user workflow

Hey all,

Am I totally missing something obvious here? All the documentation points to logging in a user, and even the register user + login talks mostly about the redirect.

I’m coming over from Bubble, so this was taken care of super easily with a basic workflow - can anyone point me to any materials that just talk me through the super basic ‘user signs up’ workflow - and then how I create page restrictions (it appears the documentation is out of date - as they talk about a property that does not appear when I follow).


Maybe this will help


Have a look at



And once you get going, feel free to ask specific questions along the way. Somebody is always willing to help!


Thank you both. I found that getting this part right is fairly pivotal to the learning experience as it talks to the basics of creating/accessing the DB in the way that Wappler wants to - I’ll watch the video and hopefully I’ll be on my way :slight_smile:

Having also built a couple big bubble apps I know this is a paradigm shift, but for most it eventually clicks. It definitely will seem more difficult, but that changes quickly.

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With the new integrated Database Manager, working with data and databases got much easier.

Make sure you check the docs: