RegEx pattern expression advice

Happy holidays guys! :snowflake:

I’d like my input field to accept only lowercase letters (0 to 9 numbers allowed too).
Anyone knows how I can adjust this expression? ^(?=.*?[a-z]).{2,25}$

Thank you all.


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You’re the best!
Where can we learn more about the syntax, from a library of expressions?

This is a good start:

You can learn the basics and test your regular expressions.

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Loving the tool!
Im fine tuning the pattern: I want lowercase with or without digits and/or hyphen. So I did this and the match test results are as wished:

But I get match fails when I test it live and I suspect the input field repeat to be failing the pattern check:

Any idea how to overcome it?

For this regex:


Try adding this as a pattern in Wappler:


Still gives me a no match.

Am I not supposed to use ^ at the start and $ at the end of the expression?

The ^ negates the expression. I don’t know how the pattern validator works as I don’t use it so maybe you need to include it.


There we go I have it right:
[a-z\d]+ for lowercase letters and digits only.
Wappler does not want the starting / nor the ending /g somehow.
Thanks for your precious help.

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