Redirects inside of a flow?

Hello everyone,

I have a form where the “submit” button calls a flow (this button, I changed its type for “default”).
Inside the flow, I query the database and based on this query’s result, I set values for some of the forms fields and then submit the form. Now, I need to redirect the user to a specific route, but I don’t know how to, I tried “run” a “browser’s go to” after the submit and tried to create a new flow only with the redirect and then call it inside the first flow…nothing seems to work…

After the “run”, need to redirect the user for a specific route.

Why not add the redirect on server connect form dynamic events > server connect > success?

I have 3 differents routes on succes! Depends on the query result inside the flow!

@Teodor, thanks! I found a workaround using dynamic events > server connect > success + ternary operator!

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