Redirect based on security permission

It would be great to be able to redirect to a page based on the user permission. For instance, in the log in page, if the permission is “admin”, redirect to admin/index.html, “server” redirects to pos/index.html, etc.

Hey Jason,
That’s already possible. Please check:

I did see that, but it can be a maintenance nightmare to keep track of who is on there. It would be better to have a table based method separate from a database.

What do you mean by “table based method”? Usually you store your permission levels in a database table, how would you otherwise do this check?

The static permission type in the Security Provider is not based on a database. So if anyone uses that, they are SOL. The url could be a part of the permissions table or an option in the browser component.

Hi @Jason_LaPorte, maybe a workaround for this is to add the URLs in your database mapped with the permissions. The user permissions are in a table right? Then you can have the URLs in a table as well then do the redirection via the Browser component. In this way, the redirection also becomes dynamic and you only need to maintain the permissions and their URLs in one place — the database.

Thank you for that. I did think of that shortly after I did my last post. Great minds think alike. :grin: It would be good to have a solution that would cover all options in the Security Provider.

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