Records per Page option in Bootstrap 4 Paging Generator


I have been evaluating Wappler v3.0.0, especially for Bootstrap 4 Paging Generator. I did not find “Record per Page” option in this generator. So please, add this “Record per Page” option so we could add some option values into this control, such as: 10,20,50.

By using this “Records per Page” option, then end-users are able to choose how many records per page, after that, the pagination number link will automatically adjust to the selected records per page.

Thank you.

This is perfectly possible using the paging generator. I usually add such an option.

There are probabaly various ways to do this. Eg create a select menu with the values you want to offer and when this is updated, set the limit value to the selected number and reload the page. I usually store this value in a cookie too.

Thanks, @TomD. That would be better if this feature is included into Bootstrap 4 Paging Generator. Therefore, I need your vote, please. :blush:

I see your point, but I prefer it as it is. Once you’re more familiar with Wappler, you will find it can probably do more or less whatever you want - and, just as importantly, in the way you want to do it.

In this case, a select menu is probably the best choice, but you might want radio buttons. You might or might not want to store the selected value in a cookie. I usually hide paging options dynamically if the number of search results means they are of no use, but perhaps you would prefer them displayed nevertheless. I’ll often have paging options at the top and bottom of the page, but it depends…

No. I don’t want radio buttons for the Records per Page options. That would be better to use Select Option (combobox) control.

I agree - I would use a select menu. My point was that it’s up to you. (I expect there could be situations where radio buttons might be a good option.)

Radio button would use more space to be displayed in Paging section. Select option is the best choice for that.

I don’t think we disagree on this. But, again, it’s not really the point.

I think the point is, this Records per Page option shoud be included in Paging Generator.

I appreciate you would like it included. As I say, I would prefer it were not included. I think it’s unnecessary.

Adding a ‘records per page’ dropdown is incredibly easy. I generally add a ‘filter’ input box and a ‘records per page’ select on all my generated tables and it literally takes just a few seconds. If it was added to the generator then fine, but it’s not a problem not having it. I like being able to control exactly what it does, where it goes on the page, etc. which I don’t think I’d get if it were part of the generator.

For some people it is easier to add it by themselves. However, that would be better if this options has been included in that Paging Generator. Once you need it, then you may simply enabled it, otherwiste, just let it disabled.

Imagine if you have to implement it for hundreds of your List page, you have to repeat this task for hundred times besides setting up the existing options in Paging Generator. If this feature has been included in Paging Generator itself, then you don’t have to do those additional task for hundred times in addition to setup the Paging Generator.

No you don’t. If the tables are the same in these cases, you can essentially copy and paste the code. If they’re not the same, you may need to do a little editing. Setting up all the possible options in a generator each time would be very time-consuming.

That’s why I mentioned before, you are still having to do additional task to copy and paste that code that will take more time, rather than just enable the option.

We haven’t implemented such an option because indeed there are so many ways of doing it and everybody wants it different.

Also you should see the bootstrap 4 generators more as a starting point - after applying them you continue to customize your look and feel and options through the rest of the UI inspectors.

But of course that is why we have feature requests here - if many people vote on them we will implement them.

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At least, you provide the standard/default option that usually used in Paging section generally.

Well, the point of this request is to avoid the same task that need more time rather than just enable the option. If they want to use their own style/code, then it’s fine, just let the option disabled, and go ahead by implementing their own code.


Thanks for your response.