Reading Out Parameters from MySQL Stored Procedures

Am I right in saying that there is no way in Server Actions to read the value of an Out parameter from a MySQL Stored Procedure?

I can work around it, but I wanted to be sure I am not missing anything!

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Example of what you mean?

An example may be a procedure of the form:

CREATE PROCEDURE is_contact_in_use (IN contact_id INT UNSIGNED, OUT in_use BOOLEAN)

So I want to call the procedure and read the value of the in_use out parameter.

I’m doing it at the moment by writing values to a table called returned_values but I’d just like to be clear that there is no other way to do it!

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Thanks for that @NewMedia!

Of course, my question is whether I can receive the value of an out parameter within Wappler and do anything with it in the Server Action…

… the place I will need it most is in the App Connect (client) side, so am just checking whether there is any way I have missed whereby I can pass the value of an out parameter to App Connect.

At the moment I am writing values to a row in a table called returned_values and reading that.