React.js support

Hey team, any plans to support React in the near future? Matt

wappler already works like react and vue. why do you want to use react?

Our main custom app is php/react. So I was curious if I could utilise Wappler for our main app.

As a short answer, I can tell you. Now we only use wappler !!!. :wink:I don’t think we need anything else. Over time, our need for other tools will decrease further. No doubt, you can move to wappler .

it will take time but you will not regret it.

Understood - my goal here, if they supported React we could simply import the project into Wappler and not need to rebuild the entire platform… hence the question. Hopefully one from the team can come back to me on this :slight_smile:

Our reactive framework App Connect does everything what React do but in much easier declarative way that is nicely integrated with Wappler’s UI for full visual data binding without the need to code anything.

In react you will have to code pretty much everything yourself and that doesn’t really fit in Wappler’s philosophy and goal of being a visual nocode tool.


Got it, thank you for the reply George. So if we wanted to handle our main app in Wappler, we’d effectively need to entirely rebuild it. Still not an impossible discussion, as I can see the benefit.

@George while we consider the benefits of doing such a task, may I ask a quick question on the recommended framework.

We have two apps we reverse proxy onto the one domain (currently). One is PHP (Symfony) + React on the F/e. The Other is a dynamic directory, so purpose built in Bootstrap HTML + PHP backend for dynamic listings etc.

If we wanted to hold the entire project in one, say with Wappler - would you simply choose node.js - or we could migrate the entire HTML/PHP Directory to Wappler and then build out the react app in Javascript + PHP?


Well it all depends of the how much you want to reuse of your current project.

In Wappler current PHP and NodeJS have similar server side functionality. NodeJS is actually faster and will gain much more specific and unique functionality later on.

So if you can choose and want to be prepared for the future, you should define go the NodeJS route.

For the client side - front end , the most easiest route is to go with the Wappler’s own App Connect and bootstrap integration.

But if you already have a ready frontend then you can keep it and just use the NodeJS as backend api. However you won’t be able to enjoy all the visual editing in Wappler.

So it is just about choices depending on what is already done and how much you want to redo or still have to build.

Ideally I’d avoid having to rebuilt the directory (PHP/HTML/Bootstrap) to save time, as Wappler would handle the F/E and B/E for this - so then it’s a case of what we utilize to then build out the actual dynamic app itself - which is currently React/PHP - so I guess we have two options, stick with PHP and just use JS dynamic pages to build the app, or have two projects separated - PHP/Bootstrap for the directory and then build the app in node.

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