Quickest way to Update or Insert?

I have a Database Update query to update a persons record. I have a phone number that I want to Update or Insert, so straight after the first Update I want a Database Update sub-query that writes a phone number to a second table related to the first (this allows many phone numbers for one person). I don’t know if the phone number already exists in the second table and so I don’t know if I need an Update or an Insert. The second table uses the first table’s ID as a foreign key.

Is this the right way to do this?

DB Connection
Database Update: people_update [Table 1 : updates the person’s record]
Database Query: people_contact_numbers [Table 2 : looks for person’s matching phone number]
~> Condition [Does number exist in people_contact_numbers ?]
~> Then
~> ~> Update
~> Else
~> ~> Insert

in other words do I have to query the second table and then do a condition?

If you’re doing an update OR insert on the second table then the condition step would work. If not then you could just use the validator to check if the number exists already.