Questions about bootstrap and capacitor for mobile

Decided to give mobile app building a try in wappler, however i have some questions i need answers to, I’ve tried to search for them in the forum but couldn’t find answers.

  1. Can we have multiple main pages in bootstrap for mobile?, I understand we can add pages to the default index.html and load pages in it, but can we create other main pages?

  2. I observed when an emulator is launched, an additional google sdk_gphone64_x86_64 is added to my list of available emulators, and when i check each emulator details, I’m seeing thesdk_gphone64_x86_64 details, is this default? are each emulators not unique?, I am seeing only the sdk_gphone64_x86_64 emulator in my onesignal dashboard even though I launched different kinds of emulators.

  3. how do we use data api running on local server in the emulator? , api data source is working but data api running on local server is not returning any data.

  4. does wappler remove additional js files created by us in the js folder in the www folder?