Question regarding native API reuse

Hi there-
I just found Wappler yesterday and I am RIDICULOUSLY impressed with your platform. I’ve used/tested dozens of app building platforms and what I love about Wappler is that it has all the power of drag-and-drop app-building capability with all the flexibility of a development IDE. (I’m also super-impressed with your community and training - WELL DONE!)

Now to my question. I have a friend who has a startup. She’s using a different mobile app building platform to build an MVP. Her eventual goal is to build an app that interfaces with a Fitbit device (and then subsequently Android/Apple watches.)

For her MVP, hybrid native works fine. If she used Wappler to build out her app, how easy/hard is it to leverage the existing APIs generated by Wappler once she has funds for native development and has some traction with her startup?

Also FWIW - I have searched multiple times every year for the past 5 years for low-code solutions and app builders and Wappler NEVER hit my radar. I even searched for a PHP App builder and found some piece of crap where the UI looked like it was designed in 1999. Not sure the keyword traffic for how you guys are found (I know the space is noisy) but seriously, I’m so happy about your platform it brings tears to my eyes. I’ve been looking for your solution for years. You need to be found! Work on your SEO please! :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

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I cant answer the main question because I have not done much actual app building, more websites and backend dashboards, but I can shed some light on the finding Wappler issue.

Wappler was DMXzone for about 100 years and still is, but Wappler as its own product is relatively new, only about 2 years (plus) old now, the main sites homepage only changed from No Code in the title to Low Code in the title about a week ago, so I assume thats why you found us/them eventually.

Hi Crystal,

The back end with business logic, database connections, remote api connections, etc. is very easily utilized both by a Wappler front end ( web, mobile or desktop) as well as by external resources. Ultimately the back end is a set of api’s that can be exposed.