Question on trial period

Hi I have been using Wappler (learning Wappler) and I’m passed my trial period. Now I find myself wondering if some of the things I want to do will work if I upgrade to the pro version.

Is there a way to enable pro features and have some sort of trial period for it - or am I out of luck?

PS. My new tag line is:

If you can dream it, you can build it in Wappler!

Of course I did gets tons of help and support from the Wappler community - especially drymetal (chad) a super hero Wappler ambassador :slight_smile:

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Well Norm - you sure can make more pizza’s :slight_smile: love the pizza calculator!

You are already on the Pro subscription btw! So you have everything!


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Thanks for the kind words but Chad deserves 98% of the credit - I don’t think I’m on the pro version. See screen capture below ?

Well you requested a switch to pro earlier. You just need to logout and login again to reflect the change