Question on radio button group

Hi, I have set up some radio buttons on my page - I would like to use them to jump to a different page(s). Is this possible - I see no way to configure them for that purpose?

Also, I have the same set of radio buttons on different pages and on each of the individual pages I would like to have a different button checked - I can find no way to change the one that is defaulted on?

I tried to use an anchor button (with dynamic link) but It was to hard to keep my page formatting lined up properly when I used it…

Just wanted to say (as they say at NASA) - don’t fight the spacesuit :slight_smile:

I just used image anchors and got the formatting to line up using some of the cool tricks the great users here taught me yesterday :smiley:

I guess this should not be a surprise because I got the email below today, I guess for asking the most dumb questions aka, the big pain :blush:



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