Question from a new user - capabilities of Basic version

Hi everyone, I just started my 14 day trial of the basic version. I have two questions that I hope can be answered easily.

First question, I don’t have a web / coder development background but I do have a very technical background. Is Wappler intended for someone like me or is the expectation that it requires a background in web design and or coding.

Second question, will the basic version allow me to develop a web site that can do some calculations (like the kind used on spreadsheets). and take input in the form of numbers from a user.

I have included a screen capture from a web site I would like to recreate so I can keep it updated and add new features. The user would select various items and provide numerical input and then the web site would need to do the calculations and fill in the section on the lower left.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide me.


Yes Wappler can do what you need. You don’t necessarily need a background in web design or development, but do expect there to be a learning curve - and that you’ll have to dive in a little to understand what you’re trying to do.

I presume that calculator is this one:
That form updates in realtime. Wappler can do that.

I just made this quick video making a quick form that does calculations like that in real time. And notice, I haven’t ever done that before in Wappler, but I was able to find it out quickly. Notice I forgot to add the App Framework and made a mistake on how to update the third field, and it didn’t slow me down at all. Very fast.

2018-09-01_11-53-36.mp4 (19.3 MB)

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Wow, thank you so much - yes, I understand it will be a lot of work but I did not want to burn a bunch of calories if Wappler could not do what I needed/wanted.

Yes, that is the page, I should have listed a link to it.

There is a lot of terminology in the documentation and videos I do not understand, like what Bootstrap is but I’m sure with a lot of Google-ing I can figure it out.

About 8 years ago I did build a small site (with rapid weaver) but that was really easy and Wappler seems like it will be a bit harder - I’m sure with the added complexity comes more capability so I’m OK with investing my time and money.

Thanks again for the help.

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It’ll be a great investment if you want to get into more advanced stuff, but to be honest, I use it for standard websites also. It is that fast once you get to know it.

There are other things you will need to know. I’m not so sure that it will be as easy as my video shows. You’ll probably have to use variables and some other things to keep track of your data. And to show it in the table.

But, the community here is very helpful - as are the developers. You’ll find that people are more than happy to help people as they step into this world.


Here is a quick video using the variables I speak of and saving it on a table. This will get you 90% of the way there I imagine. Video2.mp4 (24.2 MB)

Thx, again drymetal. I just got done loading MAMP on my machine so I can test locally. From reading the documentation it looks like this is a new product / company I’m assuming there isn’t any other documentation available beyond what is on the site - or any wappler books?

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Hi Norm,

Welcome Wappler - I see Chad is already helping you well with your new journey.

Indeed Wappler is a pretty new product, it officially existing for just a few months. But the technologies inside are based on our 17 years experience with DMXzone.

Documentation links, as well available only courses are listed here:

To my knowledge there are no books yet published about Wappler but as the interest quickly arise i’m sure they will be soon as well.

So explore and enjoy Wappler!


Hi George, thanks for the reply information. So far I’m very impressed with Wappler and I’m looking forward to familiarizing myself with it over the coming weeks and months!