Question about Parallax fx


Hi, I am actually trying the parallax fx with 2 images on a new project and I am doing good progress but I can’t make the images to overlap like on the Wappler site, I tried with different settings but no luck,what am I missing?

Thank you


Use position absolute to place them over each other. Perhaps @Teodor can explain better how it was done on the Wappler site.


Thank you Patrick for your suggestion, I think I almost never used the absolute position but I will try that :slight_smile:


Well, if you want them to be positioned as in Wappler website (if we are talking about the 3 images), you will need to adjust their initial position in their parent div using absolute position.


Ok thank you Teodor will try that, in fact I will probably only use 2 images…its just that I tough this was achieved within the parallax properties, thank you again :slight_smile:


Well, the parallax does not affect your image initial placement :slight_smile: it affects the movement of the images on scroll.
It’s up to you to build/adjust the layout.


Sure It make sens :slight_smile:

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