Query Manager and json configuration out of sync in Server Action



Wappler Version : 1.9.6
Operating System : Win 10

I amended a server action query and started getting 500 errors relating to a field (rooms.complete) I had removed from the query entirely not being found in the where clause

I then checked the server action (several times!) and rooms.complete has been removed from the query where clause

HOWEVER on finally checking the action’s json i see that it still appeared in the where clause.

Obviously i would be pretty much impossible for me to “roll back” this process and submit a bug report however I suspect the cause is that Wappler has not detected the change of a field from “rooms.complete” to “hall.complete”, perhaps Wappler is not checking fully the scope of the field “complete” which occurs in both tables and hence missing the change?

Once i found the issue it was easy to rectify, just deleting “hall.complete=1” from the query => Save then re-add “hall.complete=1” => Save corrected the error

Mainly just wanted to alert the community to this possible problem so they don’t spend hours debugging like i did. Lesson learned, in the event of 500 errors check the json query matches the visual query

assigned patrick #2