Query Builder will not allow me to select the tables I want

Wappler 5.0.2, MacBook Pro M1 Max

I have a situation where I am using a bunch of geographic tables.
Table 1 = Continent
Table 2 = Country
Table 3 = Province
Table 4 = City

I have used database manager to create the tables.
—Country (Sub Table of Continent)
------Province (Sub Table of Country)
---------City (Sub Table of Province)

Once a user has selected all the way down to City level and wants to view details about the city, i want to show a sort of breadcrumb trail showing where they are like
You are here Continent - Country - Province - City

I setup a single database query to the City Table only, with the condition of city_id = clicked_city_id
Then I try add all my other tables as joins, it allows me to add the Province table, but then the only other choice it gives is to add the Continent table, with no option to add the Country Table.

For now it is easy enough to get around the limitation by going into code editor on the server action and adding in the extra joins I need manually in the JSON itself. And when i open up the newly saved JSON in Query Builder it is showing perfectly, just will not let me create it by only using the UI.

Bump. Seeing the same on MSSQL.

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I find myself creating more and more custom SQL to overcome this. Very frustrating

Fixed in Wappler 5.0.4

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