Query Builder, missing tables, DB connection Localhost

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Wappler Version : 5.4.3
Operating System : Mac OS Ventura 13.2.1 (22D68)
Server Model: Node
Database Type: PostgreSQL
Hosting Type: Docker

Expected behavior

Localhost DB connexion broken
Editing Queries throught Server Connect API and Query Builder

Actual behavior

I would open an existing Query using the Query Builder button.
The query builder load for a while then doesn’t find the table anymore.
My Localhost DB connection seems broken since the Wappler update to 5.4.3 yesterday night

How to reproduce

Opening an existing API with a query step to modify

I didn’t modify my DB connexion settings and it looks correct.

If your local docker database server is not running, Wappler can’t retrieve the database schema and you will get all kind of missing tables errors.

So check that the database server is well running first and there are no errors.

Then refresh your schema in the Database Manager and everything should be fine after that.

Hi George,

Docker looks OK

App works well in Browser

Can’t select a DB from a test new API query step

I did twice a schema refresh and it’s a fail

Well click on the red exclamation mark to see the error. Maybe it just took longer for the database to get started.

So just right click on the “db” node and choose refresh schema.

I rebooted my Mac and launched Wappler
Next the error:

I did refresh schema twice without any result