Hello Ben,
Good afternoon!
I would like to know if you have the tutorial on PWA written. Alternatively, could you give me a simple step-by-step guide on how to create the PWA using Wappler?
My question is how to integrate the manifest and service worker in my project, remembering that I develop in aspx.
For the manifest, just create the structure in JSON? And the SerciveWorker, is it necessary to create it in .JS?
Thank You in advance!


manifest.json is placed in the root directory as is sw.js (the service worker)

To activate the service worker, the page needs to call app.js. This file checks to see if the browser supports the service worker and loads it if it does.

This repository is over 2 years old:

There is also a YouTube playlist of the same vintage:

Yes. This link will help you create the manifest: PWA Manifest Generator | SimiCart

Yes. The service worker is part of the browser, just like cookies and local storage. Browsers only understand HTML, CSS and JS.

If you want a complete rundown of PWA’s this is an excellent playlist:

Good luck.


Thank you @ben.