PWA Emulating on Device

So I am taking the plunge and going to build a PWA. That seems like a more practical way for our limited client base. Thanks to the guys that recommended Looks like it will be ideal for us.

My questions is though when building, how are you previewing in device? Or are you simply using a web browser and making the screen as narrow as possible. This project will be mobile only.

I build/dev as any other web app, as that is what a PWA is, but then I add another testing environment once built, to deal with the very few styling items that are device specific. For example I make use of the full screen possibilities on modern devices so I use the css env variables for safe area and like to test those directly on a couple devices.

The pwa device specific testing can also be done with dev console, I just usb a device to my computer and open dev console (safari for ios and chrome for android.)


Thanks Ken. I am sure I will have lots of questions as I explore this new option.

Ken did you use progressier for your pwa?

When building a mobile app you will be using capacitor and then you can just click on the bottom toolbar to preview it in emulator or if you have a real device attached you can preview it there as well.

Thanks George. This won't be a native app. Been there done that won't do it again. This will be a Progressive Web App. So no need for capacitor so no access to emulator.

Yes, I have about a dozen tenants on progressier representing a few thousand end users. I launched in Q1 and everybody is very happy with it. I no longer offer the app store hybrid app and I could not be happier.


If you are using MAMP Pro as your development server like I am, there is a mobile app called MAMP Viewer.

Works pretty dang slick!

@brad remember you can also use Android Studio / xCode and use the emulator for download and use the PWA, like a real device and inspect anything there

Really, it doesn't have to be a native app? I gotta give that a try. Thanks!

Update: Nope doesn't work. Expects Gradle, etc to be installed.

So you can't use the emulator and open safari/chrome from there?

Won't run the project at all. Won't even let me set up. the project in Android Studio. Haven't tried xCode as I have an iPhone.

Edit: Apparently it is possible although with over an hour of trying to research and figure it out I have yet to be successful. There is a lot of hoops to jump through and will only emulate from a live server. So pretty much useless for testing purposes. Dang, it would have been great to emulate on different devices. Thanks for the suggestion.