PUSH Notification Service Integration with Wappler Cordova (Tutorial?)


Hi @George and all fantastic DMXzone crew and loyals. I don’t know a single line of php code but I have built applications that have changed a lot in my personal life and that of my very numerous customers - all thanks to your ingenuity. Kudos folks.

One problem always sticks up though to make me look like a phony programmer even though Wappler makes me look good.

PNS - User event based Push Notification Service.

I compile pretty cool apps and when my client(s) ask for PNS, I blab. I can’t figure out how to integrate PNS using open source libraries which sometimes requires opening code in Android Studio and tweaking. I am dizzy from that already.

Is it not possible to allow PNS service integrated into Wappler as easy as we access API data and build fantastic applications?

I am not sure where this falls into but I would love an answer or a guideline on how I can have an answer for my clients when they ask for PNS service. I can convince them that PNS is outdated (rolling my eyes) or I could simply integrate PNS and still look like a professional developer - all with your help.



Thanks Joseph!

We use OneSignal for all the push messages, it is great and it is free! So check it out

They even have an API :slight_smile:


Thanks @george. There goes my entire weekend. :slightly_smiling_face: Cheers bruv.


I’m having trouble deciding how to set up Push Notifications, for iOS / Android apps
With Xcode and Firebase I had succeeded, but with Wappler / Cordova I do not understand how to get the best solution.
Firebase or OneSignal? What do you think?
I tried with all two but I encountered some difficulties and I could not finish
Is there a detailed tutorial to avoid making mistakes?


I detected a problem installing OneSignal
The problem occurs for the iOS platform.
The OneSignal.h file is installed in an iOS directory but the build command search the file in the previous directory.



There is a configuration problem for OneSignal
‘cordova plugin add onesignal-cordova-plugin’ produces error for ios platform.
I’m trying to solve the problem, but if anyone knows something …


At one time, if you are an old user of DMX zone, you’d recall when sending transactional emails on your app was work.

Today, you need only a few clicks and your app sends email at will.

Push notification as trivial as the subject may seem, is important. You still need a certain level of developer skill to integrate it into your app.

If you build in Wappler and open/compile in Android studio, chances are your pushes won’t fly.

I reckon that since we have OAuth in clicks, let @george and @teodor and @wapplerteam build us a module that helps us integrate push using one signal, firebase or any other API out there as easy as the rest.

Even using the new API connector, push integration still fails in certain circumstances especially working in the Cordova environment.

Still waiting for this magic.