Purchase lic without credit card, payment, runtime


I have no credit card, only a card from my local bank in EU.
How can I pay for a lic using my bank account?

  • When I purchase monthly billing, will it be for 1 year?
  • Can I cancel subscription upon purchase, in case the contract runs 12 month? (so i can decide after 12 month if i wan’t to go for another 12 month?)
  • Can upgrade from educational to pro during runtime? (does this mean another 12 month are added?)

I am testing right now, but got stuck because some addons are missing in the trial.

Thank you

You got all the functions available in the selected plan during the trial. You are probably using the "free community edition" if anything is missing.

  • You can pay with debit or credit card. If your card is an EU debit card, which can be used online, there should not be an issue to use it.
  • No, it's billed monthly. You got 7 days of free trial when you sing up for a monthly plan. You can cancel it any time in the trial period and you won't be charged.
    You can purchase an yearly plan if you want to be charged per year.
  • You can cancel your subscription during the selected period (month or year) so that the subscription won't be auto renewed.
  • Yes, you can upgrade your plan.
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i have a debit/girocard/maestro - that is what it says on the card.
i do have a card number and the card is valid to 2022.
my german bank told me, that this is not a credit card.

i am still not sure how to enter the e.g. MM/VJJ/CVC … there is only the year on my card.

Please check George's reply here:

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mycard2go does not work at the moment. you can’t register a virtual card.
i found another way.
on board for a pro trial.

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