Pulling from remote: "Undefined" error


  1. After working in branch course-watching (using wappler’s git UI)
  2. Try merge with master (using wappler)
  3. Conflict error
  4. Close wappler, open github desktop
  5. Switch to master branch
  6. Merge course-watching into master branch using github desktop
  7. Resolve conflicts
  8. Succesfully merge
  9. Push to remote
  10. Close github desktop, open Wappler
  11. Wappler still says you’re on the branch course-watching (0 changes)
  12. Switch to master (using wappler) (0 changes)
  13. You’re now behind the remote master branch (because you pushed to remote using github desktop)
  14. Try to pull using wappler… error: “undefined”

I have no idea on how to get wappler to realise that the local state of the master branch is equal to the remote state of the branch. (Proof here from github desktop:


Update: Was losing my mind… found a way to get wappler to work nicely again: by resetting to the remote commit image

I have a similar issue. When I click Push to Remote I get this error:

So I try Pull from remote, and get this error:
2021-10-09 00_09_51-Wappler - The Visual Web App Creator

I tried your fix, @karh to Reset to this commit (the top master one). However, this did not fix my issue.

Any advice on how to fix this problem?

Thanks :hugs:

My go-to solution has been to install https://desktop.github.com/

These errors are not actually undefined, it’s just that wapplers git manager doesn’t handle them.

With github desktop you’ll most likely see there are merge errors, and you can fix them.

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This fixed my issue!

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