Publish Feature Question

When using the Publish feature it seems that there is no method to Delete outdated folders on the Remote Server that are no longer in my Local Server folder. Is there a way to specify to Delete files that are no longer in use?

Great question! We do see files that are no longer in the local folder as in:

But there is no way to automatically delete these files.

Have changed this to a Feature Request.

I would actually prefer that Wappler leave my live production files alone on ‘Publish’. Maybe a new ‘Synchronize’ feature may be more useful.

Problem I see with automatically deleting files on publish, is I have hundreds of client documents that are uploaded by staff to my dashboard that are not on my local computer. If those files got wiped out I would likely lose my job.

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To add to that, maybe there could be a feature inside the Synchronise action that allows certain files to be ignored.

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OK, Thanks.

This is now possible with the Publish Manager in Wappler 5.2.4