Protected NodeJS pages

Wappler: 4.0.4
Mac M1 Version
NodeJS v14

The standard brand new project of gives me a main.ejs file in Layouts and an index.ejs file as a content page.
In my case if my index.ejs page is a login form page, and i create a new content page as dashboard.ejs, I can not add page security to the dashboard.ejs page because the Server Side Data is missing when I select App.

If I click App on the index.ejs page, Server Side Data is there.
If I click App on dashboard.ejs page, Server Side Data is missing.

I had to manually add it rather in routes.json

    "routes": [
            "path": "/",
            "page": "index",
            "routeType": "page",
            "layout": "main"
            "path": "/dashboard",
            "page": "dashboard",
            "layout": "main",
            "exec": "/api/auth/authenticated-user-details"

Working well now but figured I should give a bug report, I will admin maybe this is a possible bug rather, as sometimes this has worked, but this is the second time I have had to do it manually.

Hi Paul, do you mean that a new content page you created, selected a layout for and saved does not appear in the routing panel?

Sorry Teo, I explained badly

I only entered this line in the routes.json file, the rest was already there
"exec": "/api/auth/authenticated-user-details"