Property Management and Real-Estate?

As a point of interest how many of the Community develop for Property Management and Real-Estate usage purposes? Our work is primarily aimed at this sector. Interested to know how many others of you work within the same target market?

I do a lot with those types of markets. But I am on the Lake of the Ozarks so we do a lot of Docks, Boat Slips and boat sales type websites that would be in the same vein.

Real estate usage? Doesnt’ that mean rentals or for sales? My expertise would mostly be in sales of properties.

Yes, exactly that. Brokers, Agents, etc.

Loved that series based on that area! Beautiful place. We have some huge lakes here… Gets me thinking maybe I should ask if they need a boat sales platform and put them in touch! Several marinas in the area…

Hi @Dave,
I develop for my own Property Management company in Stuttgart, Germany.
I started creating websites as a student in 1995 with Microsoft Frontpage and then used Dreamweaver since the first beta. I used extensions from InterAKT, webassist and dmxzone and now use Wappler since the beginning.
I would love to develop more but my time is currently very limited.
I specialized in creating customer portals and frontends for the CRM Software we are using.

My path exactly!!! (except for the student part)

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