Properties panel refuses text

Wappler Version : 2.9.1
Operating System : Windows10

Expected behavior

Inserting text value in the Properties Panel (e.g. description list, tooltip)

Actual behavior

What actually happens?

I have this problem for some time.
When I enter a text value in the properties panel I can only enter 1 character after which the focus on the field disappears. I then help myself in Code-view to complete the text.

This happens to me, but only occasionally. I haven’t noticed any pattern to it. I think it happened just once or twice today. I remember some details of the last time: I was entering validation rules for a file input field (‘Accept’ options). I thought it was after I clicked the select button but it could have been while I was typing. In any case, focus was suddenly lost, and on this occasion, no validation rules were entered either. Slightly more frequently, I enter properties and they are not actually saved after clicking ‘select’ but focus is not lost.

This is an old behavior of the first implementation of the visual expression builder.

It is improved in the latest 3.0 and if you want better in ver 2 then you have to switch experimental features off