Proper Autocomplete for Addresses via OpenStreetMap

I’ve saw already some nice articles about autocomplete. But maybe this one could be very helpful.

Any suggestions how to implement that? I guess about 90% of all wappler Users need some simple onboarding. As everypage starts with SSO or some Registration.

Cheers my friends

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Holy crap it works out of the box! Amazing! Just implemented that. I guess about 1000 Requests / Day are free.

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@Freddy_Blockchain thankss . Realy useful :+1:

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@s.alpaslan thank you. And also trying to take some seconds away for user Onboarding with Email Autosuggest like


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Did you try this plugin before ?

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@s.alpaslan Never tried that plugin of Jquery EMail Suggest. But I used this one which works like a champ!

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Here is a sample of my DEMO Implementation, hope that Video works.

that algolia autocomplete looks amazing, but how do you get that setup in wappler? i cant find any guide/tutorial etc, wondered if you would share your steps to getting it running on a form for an autocomplete address field? thanks Darren

This topic is almost 2 years old...

You already have the Google places autocomplete integrated in Wappler: