Project Frameworks Not Being auto Added on file new

Wappler Version : 2.0.0 Beta 3
Operating System : MAc

Expected behavior

What do you think should happen?

As per ‘Whats New’ post I expect frameworks to be added to pages when setting global frameworks in the new panel.

Actual behavior

What actually happens?

The frameworks are saved etc but are not added to pages nor are the bootstrap and fontawesome folders being generated. Nothing happens.

Hey Brad,
So did you create a new page and saved it?

I just started a new project and going through the settings. The index file created when starting a new site does not get the frameworks added to it and the Bootstrap and Fontawesome 5 folders/files are not being created.

Just tried creating a new file and saving it and still nothing is being generated or added.

Is that in a newly created project or in an existing one?

Newly created. I am starting a new project today.

How do you created the new file? With the + in the tabs?

The new file icon in the files panel. You can see the BS and FA files are not being generated either.

And if you use the [ + ] in the tabs?

Using the + in the tabs everything worked as it should it appears.

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yes noticed the same issue today on a project, but when i use the “+” method all was ok. not sure if this is a bug or a special “super-user” feature… :wink:

This is a pretty old post. Have you set up your frameworks in the project settings?

yea all setup under project settings, but only works when i use the “+” method for a new page.

well actually frameworks should be added also when you create new files in the FIle Manager as well.

Once you open them to edit in Wappler, for the first time - all the frameworks will be auto added.

Doesn’t that happen to you?