Progress bar updates correctly for jpg, gif, png, but not pdf

So I understand that you can not see a thumbnail or view a pdf file in a lightbox, but for the life of me i can not understand, why in the exact same form, with the exact same progress bar, it can display a progress for a .jpg .gif or .png but not for a .pdf file. Any ideas as to why.

What do you mean, Paul? :slight_smile:

Well if i click choose file on a file upload field, and attatch a single file, a .jpg, the progress bar moves along from left to right until it is uploaded and then the file is complete. If I do the exact same thing with a pdf file then for some reason the progress bar does not move whatsoever. It is strange, can i send you a link on a pm, or just do a short video?

Maybe the files are too small so the upload goes too fast?

Sorry Teodor, the 2 pdf files i have been trying are both bank provided proof of payments from 2 different banks, and 1 is a protected pdf, they are both around 35 417 bytes (37 KB on disk) in size, i just tried a 1mb pdf and that indeed showed progress, i figured i would at lease see a flicker with a tiny file, but literally nothing shows at all. So it looks like it is fine just my tiny files.