Problems with submitting form

Having an issue with a form submitting and really can’t see what is going wrong. Have used BS4 form generator.

try moving the link to dmxAppConnect/dmxAppConnect.js to before all of the other JS links.

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Hi i did the page again
Still the same problem and the dmxAppConnect/dmxAppConnect.js is at the top

Members Application

Actually the problem is not the same now. The problem now is a 500 Internal Server Error and we will be able to tell what is wrong as soon as you enable the debug option in server connect options:

hi have enabled that but nothing is showing, in ‘charles’ I can see the information being sent, but then nothing comes back. any ideas?
It does not add to the database either

The error can be found in your browser dev tools, under XHR when you submit the form:

It is probably caused by the file field - i think you did not add a file upload step, and you are trying to submit a file field … this won’t work until you add a file upload step in your server action.

ah ha, that would answer the question. Cheers Teodor.
rookie mistake on my part…duh