Problems with security provider

I have redone till X-eyed I get this on my binded page on looking at the debugging
probably something daft – can you help – please?
fetch.js:247 GET 401 (Unauthorized)
Which is strange as the login with the ‘authorised’ and unauthorised parameters work in as much as correct details on the login page allow a transfer to my binding page ( and unauthorised give an alert on the login page.)
Could it be that on the landing ‘greeting page’) I have two php includes - the header and footer? Between them the welcome.
The login page is UN beden & PW lufg1Y01

Many thanks


Please turn on the debug mode:

and supply working login details (temporary) so that we can see what is going on.

Then load in GOOGLE if so

fetch.js:247 GET 401 (Unauthorized)
fetch @ fetch.js:247
(anonymous) @ appConnect.js:252
setTimeout (async)
(anonymous) @ appConnect.js:251
update @ fetch.js:153
render @ fetch.js:145
constructor @ BaseComponent.js:20
n @ appConnect.js:412
constructor @ fetch.js:5
n @ appConnect.js:412
e.hasOwnProperty.e.constructor @ appConnect.js:445
n @ appConnect.js:412
$addChild @ BaseComponent.js:186
(anonymous) @ BaseComponent.js:257
walk @ dom.js:180
(anonymous) @ dom.js:185
walk @ dom.js:184
$parse @ BaseComponent.js:227
render @ app.js:23
constructor @ BaseComponent.js:20
n @ appConnect.js:412
constructor @ app.js:5
n @ appConnect.js:412
dmx.appConnect @ appConnect.js:64
(anonymous) @ appConnect.js:74

Login as on Google

HTTP401: DENIED - The requested resource requires user authentication.

I am a weebit confused as the login goes to the ‘name page’ as I call it and gives the error that it is unauthorised…
So how is logun a success yet mot authorised?

Off to work – back in 10 hours – thanks

From what i see on your page, and from what i understand from your last few post (it’s a little hard to understand what you mean, to be honest) i think that in your userDetails server action, you have just not selected the same security provider you are using in the login step. You should select the same one, not create a new one there.

Thanks again - especially for your patience.
I missed the word instance, It works, Onwards and upwards