Problems using Wappler for old sites, and PHP rewriting


It would be convenient to use Wappler to update old sites - eg those created in Dreamweaver, pre-Wappler. It’s not feasible for very old sites; the code rewriting breaks them too easily (in my experience). However for relatively recent sites, I thought some of the rewriting problems had been fixed - eg with PHP. Perhaps they were fixed in only some situations or perhaps the fix has reverted.

Using Wappler, I just made a very minor change to a page created with Bootstrap 3 (pre-Wappler). Having uploaded the page, there was no output on the page at all. Looking at what Wappler had done to the page, it wasn’t surprising. It had altered the PHP in a number of places - encoding it, apparently not recognising it was PHP. I’ve added a couple of examples below. It also added Font Awesome (not a big problem, but not very useful given it’s not used on the page).

Can this be fixed or is it best not to use Wappler with any non-Wappler sites?

Before uploading the page, I made a copy, so could easily fix the broken page. This is an example of why it would be so useful to have an option to duplicate pages in Wappler (I know I can ‘Save As…’).

Rewriting examples:
<link href="css/custom.css?<?php echo filemtime('css/custom.css');?>" rel="stylesheet">
<link href="css/custom.css?%3C%21--%3C%3Fphp+echo+filemtime%28%27css%2Fcustom.css%27%29%3B%3F%3E--%3E" rel="stylesheet">

<a href="#image<?php echo $i; ?>
<a href="#image<?php&#10; echo $i;&#10;?>

Copying code into head causes Wappler to break the code
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