Problems formatting numbers

Thanks Teodor,
Can you guide me…currently it rounding it up in currency after conversion…e.g. $7.5 becomes $7…or $7.0



Do you have the Precision set at 2?

Yes…i accepted the default

Thanks for the response,
Each time I set it successfully, it round up e.g. $5.3 to $5…do you mind sending me code portion of that part


You don’t really need code for this. All is done through the data formatter UI.
Please post some screenshot of what exactly:

  • did you select in the formatter
  • what’s the code generated for the expression
  • what value do you have, where is it coming from, how is it stored (what data type is it)
  • what is the result in your browser.

Your explanation is really unclear.

I am inserting/updating a record. I followed the steps, convert to number>>then currency>>left the parameters as default. Each time I input 7.6 it round it up to 8. My form requires 7.6

Could be your field in your table. What type of field are you inserting it into?

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Where does it round it? On the page? On insert?
I asked you to provide the exact description with screenshots in my last post.
I can't really help you until you answer every question there and provide screenshots.

Hello Teodor and etal, you guys are always on point. Thanks for your service. I figured it out, i had to change the data type from the dbase to decimal (10,2).
Best Regards