Problem with sub-tables

Server Model: NodeJS
Database: MariaDB
O/S: Windows 10

When following Teodor’s tutorial

I finish up with


Two separate tables. The only option that I now have is to inner join the tables where I have to rename at least one of the two ID’s.

I am sure that this is another of my senior moments, so please help! :pouting_cat:

What were the exact steps of creation in those tables?

Did you do additional schema changes to the sub table once it was created?

Hi George, I followed the exact same steps as in the tutorial. Up until the save database step, my structure looked the same as in the tutorial. It was when I save the database when the sub-table disappeared making room for a separate table.

Not wanting to push you guys, but I am waiting for a solution. My client is asking me when the site will go live.

Is there any news. If this matter is of a lower priority, I will go ahead with the old fashioned solution. No worries.

Fixed in Beta 7