Problem with page restriction

Hello, so I’m having some trouble with the page restriction (using the Security Provider Enforcer).

I had everything working right with the lvl1 user permission, so when I finished the administrator page, I created a new permission named AuthADMIN. But the admin page is redirecting to the restriction page constantly.

This is the security provider info

This is the code for the admin page


    $app = new \lib\App();

    	"steps": [
    			"module": "auth",
    			"action": "restrict",
    			"options": {"permissions":"AuthADMIN","loginUrl":"../index.php","forbiddenUrl":"../inicio.php","provider":"loginsecurity"}
    , TRUE);

Of course the UserAuth value for the user I’m using is “adm”


It looks like your columns aren’t quite right. In the permissions, the Identity Column should be (at least, how I do it) the ID of the user. Then, in the Conditions, the value would be the field where the access level is set (I call it ‘accesslevel’ and store values like ‘staff’, ‘admin’, ‘superadmin’, etc.)

So the Identity Column would be ‘UserID’ and the Condition Column would be what you have for the access levels (in my case ‘accesslevel’).

Does that help?

Here’s one of my typical configurations: