Problem with new search feature when switching documents

The new search feature is really good. The replace option is a little hidden - I spent a few moments looking for something to click before press Ctrl+Shift+F - but I’m happy with just the shortcut key.

The problem: if you use search/replace in one file and then switch to another, the search options no longer work. I can see it could be a problem keeping the same search/replace critera as you switch tabs, but I would still like it as an option. However, even if you close the search panel - or even close the file in which you’ve been searching - the search feature no longer works. As far as I can see, it’s necessary to restart Wappler to re-enable it.

There is one other very minor thing: after using using the replace feature, there is no indication from the undo/redo buttons that you can undo/redo - but you can, using shortcuts (Ctrl+Z, Y). Again, I’m happy just using shorcuts, but the arrow buttons should probably show the options are available.

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Thanks for the detailed report. @patrick will check it out

This will be fixed in the next update, I also updated the undo/redo buttons in codeview to correctly indicate that undo is available. In the Docs section of the forums I also added the shortcuts for the code editor so that new users also can find the replace option.

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Great - this will make the search feature much more useful.

Fixed in version 1.5.1