Problem with Navbar Collapse coming up behind page elements

Hi, I have tried and tried to figure out why my Navbar Collapse is coming up behind page elements (on all of my pages). The Navbar Collapse is part of an include file used on all of my pages. See below, does anyone know why this would happen or how I can fix it?

Thanks for any help in advance to see it happen live.



You need to change the z-index of your navbar to fix this.
In your css add:

.navbar {
   z-index: 9999;

Usually you don’t have to do this, but it seems you just changed something that broke the styles.

I have never done anything in CSS yet - do you mean like this?

No, i mean literally copy and paste the style as i provided in your custom stylesheet.
Or are you using only inline styles?

I’m afraid I’m not smart enough to answer that question… sigh

Taking a look at your page - yes you are using inline styles.
Just select the tag in your include, then add this to the styles panel:


Thank you Teodor - that fixed it, you saved the day again!!!

BTW, breaking things is kinda my superpower :smiley: