Problem with docker and Traefik

Could you post more screenshots of the errors and specially the list of docker machines you get.

Maybe also an error log

Im still on 4.6.4

i had one “target” before… and a few DO docker machines … without a problem
With Traefik installed and configured on one docker machine.

I then added more targets… and more docker machines… but only with the IP and port 80.
And the all functioned well.

My issue only started when I went to my second target opened up the docker manager … and then wanted to added Traefik… after that … it messed up my “docker” machines… i dont know if that helps… but thats when my error occurred …

and the rest is history… at least the “dummy” machine / folder lets you work…

sorry about the delay George, been away for the weekend
Not sure if i can provide a lot more information

I have a production target set up

I can connect OK

This is my only docker machine on my system

i stop the machine

and then start it and get an error

Starting Docker Machine null …
Error executing C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /C,docker-machine,–native-ssh,start,! Cannot read property ‘4’ of null

I then add a directory called “aa” to my C:\Users\brian.docker\machine\machines folder


Refresh the docker machines list

The docker machine can then be restarted

Debug Log: (2.2 KB)

Thanks Brian. I have reworked the whole docker machine listing retrieval so it is more directory listing based and more reliable.

So it should work all fine from the next update which will be probably tomorrow.


This has been fixed in Wappler 4.7.3

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