Problem when I save the file

Wappler 3.0
Mac Os Catalina

Hello, I have a problem when I save a php document it repeats two scripts and breaks functions on my site. I used a blank sheet with a container that has a video and a title in the background, the source of the video I extract it from the connection to the Pexels api and it works perfectly until I hit save and wappler add those two scripts, then the video of background no longer works. I think it’s better to show it than to describe it so I shot this video. Thanks in advance

Grabación de pantalla 2020-06-30 a la(s) 16.47.17

I noticed that it has some invalid html, seems the end of the div is missing.

That was the problem @patrick, thnks, but still i didn’t touch the code previously, i used only Wappler UI so It may be an error in Wappler?