Problem sorting table columns

I noticed that some columns seem to sort unreliably in one or two tables I had created using the table generator. I examined one particular table; the correct ORDER BY clause was included in the queries for each column and yet one column would not sort correctly - or at least the displayed order would not update. It looked strange, because the other columns were reordered, and yet the column used for sorting remained in the same order - so the data in the same row belonged to different records (rather like what can happen in Excel).

I discovered the only difference with the problem column was that the data was in a data attribute:

<td dmx-text="publication_sortdate" class="text-center"></td>  -- sort order would not update
<td class="text-center">{{publication_sortdate}}</td>          -- sort order correct

Another detail is that the sort order initially seems to work but it won’t switch/toggle - eg it will remain in descending order.

Is this a limitation of using attributes or a bug… ?

Hello Tom,
We won’t be able to tell you what is wrong, until we see your page.
Please provide a link where this happens so we can check it.

Thanks Teodor - details sent in private message.

This is topic is a little bit old, but I would like to make a follow up since I am having some sort of similar issue.

It looks like if sorting is set in the DB Query Builder, sorting in the page table doesn’t work for the column you have set in query builder.


Bootstrap Table sort by date:

You can see that it won’t sort out regardless of the dir.

Upon checking, here is what I see in the developer console:

Has anyone encountered the same issue?

The issue I had was related to having empty values in some records - this causes sorting problems. A solution is given in the first of @psweb’s productivity tips. However, I don’t think is related to your problem - but it’s an important thing to be aware of.

I haven’t come across any problems sorting in the situation you describe, and hadn’t noticed that the same column might appear twice in the order by list - however, looking at the generated query, I can see that it does.

I’m using MySQL, which doesn’t seem to mind that the query might contain this:
ORDER BY stock_id ASC, stock_id DESC
Are you using a different type of database - which, quite reasonably, flags this as an error? It seems like this might be a bug, and that default sort parameters should be removed in this situation.

Hi @TomD, I am using MS SQL Express.
I think there are lot of issues with MSSQL. A while ago, I came across another article with an issue with MSSQL. :frowning:

I don’t have any experience with MS SQL Express, but I think you should be able to resolve the sorting issue by adding a condition to the default sort column in query builder:


Hi @zitroware
Are you using PHP or ASP/ASP.NET with this SQL Express database?

Hi @Teodor, I am using IIS Express 10. My Server Model is ASP.NET.

Hello @TomD, I’ve tried what you have suggested but after saving the changes, the page won’t load anymore. I’ve also tried to remove the bang (!) and it shows the same error message. I’ve also tried to set a default value (in formatter) as DESC, it still shows the same error message. :frowning:

I tested it with PHP/MySQL setup and it worked. I tested it with and without the ! and it worked as expected in each case. I use conditions like this a lot, and I’ve never known them to cause a page not to load (but this is only with PHP/MySQL).

Do you have a column defined for sorting or do you only use dynamic sorting. The error states that you have the same column twice in your order.

If you want to use a default column then use $_GET.sort.default('stock_id') for the sort expression. Leave the sorting in the query builder empty. @TomD suggestion with the Condition should also work. What is the error you get when you set the condition?

Hi @patrick, see below:

a) Set Column defined for sorting in query options = has error when trying to click header in page’s table to sort the same column
b) No column defined for sorting in query options = no errors when trying to click header in page’s table to sort the same column

Hi @TomD, when I set the condition to the following:

The page won't load (only the page loader is showing as I am using a page loader), I have the following error:

I would disable the page loader temporarily. To check if the condition value is the issue, I would probably try something like this:


… to see if the condition is working in principal (I would try with > and < operators to check the sort parameter was toggling as expected.

Hello @TomD, even if I set the condition, the moment I clicked on the header to sort the column, it returned HTTP error 500 with the same message:

@zitroware thanks for the info.
@patrick is going to check this.

The error with the condition seems to be something with our .net code, could you post the orgException with the stack-trace. Will try to fix that for the upcoming update.

If you remove the sort from the query builder, is the table sort then working?

Hello @patrick, I am sorry I was not able to get back to you immediately. I have moved forward into creating the web app since I am on a deadline. The workaround I did is to manually define the sort and dir parameters in the URL instead of using the Column sorting in the Database query in Server Actions Step. Since the original purpose is to have the table to be sorted by a column by default, setting the URL manually in a link works. I don’t have any column sorted in the database query in the Action Steps. So all of my pages that needs to have table sorted by default are loaded in the browser using URLs with the sort and dir manually defined. I will try to test it out again and will send you the information you have requested.

Thank you!