Problem seeing Calendar in Design View

Wappler 5.0.2 NodeJS
Added a Calendar Component to a page and left defaults set. Calendar is not visible in Design View but appears in Live View. Set height to 500 but no change. Should Calendar be visible in Design View?

I can’t verify this, but have you tried clicking the lighting bolt? For me, “active” elements only show on the page when that lightning bolt is blue.

Screen Shot 2022-08-06 at 12.10.30 PM

However, I haven’t worked with the Calendar so this may not help. :slight_smile:

PS - I was going to wait to see if this Lightning Bolt is named “Live view” before answering but I didn’t want you to go unanswered and am not near Wappler to check. Sorry if this is useless!

Thanks, nomad, for replying. Unfortunately, toggling the App Connect Mode doesn’t fix it.
I’ve also tried Preview Mode (the ‘eye’), Reloading Design View, Reloading The Page, closing the App and re-opening it. Nothing makes the calendar visible in design mode.

Sorry I couldn’t help… I did just try the same App hierarchy on my Mac in Wappler 5.0.2 and have the same result as you. It works in the browser preview, but not in the Wappler live preview. Maybe that is the expected behavior?

Hey, I realized I learned the name of those two icons! So, you helped me – that’s not how this is supposed to work! :laughing:

Yes when used in content pages, the calendar includes are not picked up in design view as they are on the main layout page, so it won’t display in design view but should be fine in the browser.

Will see if we can improve that in the future.

Hey @george. It would be good to have something show in design view even if it was just a placeholder (like you have for empty columns etc.) just so you can visually see where it is on the page and select it for editing