Problem opening folders containing a large number of files


I have a site which has about 2000 images files in a folder. Opening this folder within a Wappler project was extremely slow (a minute or two). Closing the folder caused Wappler to freeze. I had to force quit Wappler. (I think this is the only situation where I’ve had to do this.). It wouldn’t close normally or via the system tray icon.

This happened a few days ago and I had forgotten about it. Unfortunately I did the same thing today with more serious results. Having force quit Wappler, it wouldn’t open again - the rotating logo just kept rotating. I force quit it again. I eventually managed to open Wappler by renaming the project folder. Wappler opened at the project screen and all was well when I chose a different project. I then closed Wappler, renamed the folder to its original name, and could then open the project again.

It’s probably not often necessary to view the contents of such large folders - I only opened it to check a subfolder within it. If it’s a problem for Wappler to view the contents of such large folders, it would be useful if a message could be displayed warning that the process will be slow or that it could cause problems.

I think all is well with this project but I’m having a minor problem with it which I’ll mention in another thread. It may be quite unrelated.


Hello Tom,
Have you opened the folder in the local files view, or on your remote server?


Hi Teodor,
This was on a local server.

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We will improve that in the next update


Opening folders with that many files should be improved now in Wappler 1.9.4.

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