Problem display calendar

Hello I have a problem displaying my calendar, when I display my page the calendar does not appear if I reduce the window of my browser it appears, I just have to resize my window, but that does not is not tenable. Do you have an idea?

Your issue is the same as described here:

Hi thanks Teodor but it does not work, can you tell me if I pass the script between the tags

What version of bootstrap are you using?

Bootstrap 5 local

In Bootstrap 5 it’s a bit different. Your code should look like:

        var tabEl = document.getElementById('navTabs1_2_tab')
        tabEl.addEventListener('', function (event) {

adjust it as per your element IDs.

Sorry for the delay, but it doesn’t work even changing the information


@Teodor, an idea?

Try placing the script below the tabs or just above the closing body tags etc looks like the var tabEl returns null and is a error. This maybe because you have the script before the id is rendered?

Just made a clip too:

Perfect thank you

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