Private Messages Harm Your Chances Of Quick Solution

I’ve seen a few posts that had to be made public recently having been written privately to individuals. I hope that some of those considering this approach might read this and subsequently think twice. Not only do you run the risk of annoying/alienating other community members but you are actually preventing yourself from getting a speedy resolution.

The most important factor is that when you post a topic privately only one person sees it so they are the only ones who can respond. When you post to the pubic boards you can get a response from any member.

Most recently, the private messages I’ve seen have been to people not even on the Wappler team. Not that stops the recipient from being helpful, knowledgable and truly skilled - they are and that’s why they were probably selected, but it stops the people from developing the product from seeing the queries which might influence their development process. Plus, the people who make the product are often best placed to answer and give support.

Remember, the community members are often offering support in their spare time while working on projects. They will sometimes need days, weeks or months of focussed time away from the community which means your question may not get a response for a considerable time, if at all.

Finally, the community is like a hive. There are people who have specific skills and specialisms within Wappler, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, .NET , ABAP (:wink: @jonl) etc. One well-known, respected user is unlikely to have all the answers so allow all of us to help!


I only use PMs for one thing: sending ABAP memes to Teo.

I am with you Ben! 101% right


I thought @JonL was the stored procedure guy?


I actually get pretty annoyed when I am not the first person to be consulted so I can turn them down. What a nerve!


Totally agree. While I am happy to help anyone who needs it the question and solution needs to be public so it helps everyone. We ambassadors are not paid we do it for the benefit of the community and expecting free private tutorage is unfair


Annoys me too. It was actually the reason I started the thread :rofl:


Is that a hint at ABAP integration into Wapper :blush:


Ahhh… I saw @teodor replying and thought it might be the news we have all been waiting for. The big W5 new feature announcement:

Sneak Preview: