Print HTML code from Wappler

How do I print program code directly in Wappler without having to cut and paste it somewhere else. This functionality should be either in the File menu or somewhere. If its in the application its well hidden. I have to open it up in Dreamweaver to print it nicely.

Hi @TonyTee,
You want to print the code, from the code view to a paper, is that right?

Yes! I’m sure it would be helpful to the community at large.

It’s not currently integrated in Wappler, but I am just curious - when would this feature be useful? When do you need to print HTML from a code editor?

Wow with the way I write code I would need to kill three trees worth for my 6 page website. Lol. Never even imagined printing out to code to be honest.

I suppose it could be useful in situations where you work as part of a large team and you are all sitting around brainstorming code optimisation possibilities or something. Other than that I do not see why I would personally ever need to print the code out.

Occasionally i have printed pages of complex code as i find it easier to debug on paper where i can add annotation, links, arrows etc but it is very rare and i would suggest even less necessary with Wappler due to its’ visual nature


I was only talking about printing HTML code since that’s all I’m doing now in Wappler since I’m still in evaluation mode. If I decide to upgrade I will be doing some heaving PHP and database coding and printing would be valuable to me. As @Hyperbytes said if you’re debugging some complex scripts having the ability to print directly from Wappler would be beneficial.

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I don’t see any relation between being in trial mode and printing the code :slight_smile:
The code Wappler produces is pure HTML and CSS and the backend is being controlled by an UI, so there is nothing you are required to heavily code with the basic/pro versions.

I used to write heavy php/database code. only written about 10 lines of php in 8 months of using wappler. if you learn wappler correctly you will not need to write php code, it’s not necessary.
if you want to write php code you are not using wappler to it’s full,


i don’t see this important or needed.
but its the team call i guess :slightly_smiling_face:

What I mean is if I can’t easily print HTML (or any code for that matter) I won’t be able to print some of the complex PHP/SQL code often create and need to print to debug or compare code in two different versions (a compare feature could be beneficial in Wappler also). I’m still evaluating Wappler and need to see if I want to upgrade to the next level. I must say I’m impressed so far at the frequent updates being made and your support thus far. I think adding a print option is a no-brainer and would add a feature many folks expect in most applications of this nature.

You are confusing me Tony. you keep referring to PHP/SQL code. Wappler is primarily jquery/ vue based and you will rarely be exposed to any PHP. I think as you get to know wappler properly you will understand it is an entirely different approach and it’s visual nature will make your workflow completely different. if you must print things then just copy the code window and paste into a text editor such as notepad++ or whatever.yiu prefer.

Sorry for the confusion. For now I’m only using Wappler for an easy HTML only site. Obviously I don’t know much about the other capabilities and will have to try them with another site I want to do. Time will tell if it will work for me down the road.


I must admit I do not often have the need to print my code so it is on a physical piece of paper however you mentioned that you like to compare code.
That I use quite often, I select all in the code window. Copy the code and paste it into TextWrangler or BBedit which has a very powerful compare feature.
If I really wanted to print the code to paper then I could also do that while I am in one of those other applications.

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I need this feature too. Sometimes I’m just trying to copy variable names from one form to another on another page and its easier to just print the code. My forms tend to get convoluted sometimes.

I mean its not so hard to copy the code and drop it in a text editor, but would be a nice future feature.


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