Pricing For Individuals/Freelancers

Have you changed the pricing for pro version for individuals/freelancers ?

Pricing has been the same since I have been around. Been here since late spring, early summer

Hello Paul,
We have introduced new subscription plans with the release of Wappler v2 (May 2019). Now there is a clear separation between individual, company and student licenses.

Individual/Freelancers have been taken out of the educational/student plans, as it’s not fair to charge students, teachers and non-profits, using Wappler for non-commercial work the same amount as individuals working on commercial projects.


OK, I thought so then I’m right , the cost has gone up quite a bit for individuals.

The price did indeed go up for individuals, but if you use it for your work and make money with it then 39 euro per month for the pro version is not that much. You probably spend more money on coffee in the month then for Wappler :wink: .


I have some mixed feelings with licensing to be honest. As everything human related it is all bound to exploit and unfairness :slight_smile:

Individuals working on projects that do not render money and education licenses being used for profit work.

Guess to which group I belong to. Oh the irony! :sob:

I don’t think too much about it as I like seeing my subscription as a way to support a great product. But from time to time someone in the forum will remind me some way or another how exploitable the licensing system is.

Is there any thought to a one-time perpetual license? I would happily pay for this. The subscription pricing is a bit too steep to pay for an ongoing basis.

One time / perpetual licenses are not available for Wappler and we do not plan to offer such licenses in the future.

I had that impression when I started as well. But was proven wrong in just a few months.
I always prefer perpetual licenses as well, but with Wappler, subscription based pricing makes more sense.


Totally agree. When you look how many updates/new features come out and how hard the Wappler team work to respond to community queries, you see the cost is easily justified. TBH I almost feel bad because I think it’s worth more!


For a tool used every day, paying annually makes perfect sense. To pay just once would risk the sustainability and I’d far rather pay and have it around for a long, long time than pay a one-off and then they go out of business.