Preserve App Structure state/view after drag-n-drop or delete

It would be sure be great if the behavior after dragging an element to a new location in app structure was such that it would not collapse the structure.

When dragging elements around, it is important to keep the structure static rather than refreshing to something new.

I couldn’t agree more, sometimes it drives me crazy! :woozy_face:


Agreed. Small problem…but does get annoying :slight_smile:

Yes me too… Would love more flexibility in what can be dragged into what too…

Current rules feel far too restrictive.

Unnecessary collapsing or scrolling also happens when you delete things…

We are in 2023 now but still struggling from this irritating behavior.

We have done a lot of improvements in this area. Are you sure the problem is still the same? Maybe post more details about the items you are dragging and dropping

It looks like behavior hasn’t changed since.
After drag-n-drop it is collapsing.

Here is a simple example.

I’m at 5.3.3.

Yes, please!

And while talking, the same for the Events! Scrolling down, adding a event and then again scrolling down to edit the Event action is annoying. Just keep me there, right where I have added the event.

I’m not fully understand you about the events. Can you please elaborate?